Summer Swimmin’


Hey guys!!! I know I literally just posted on the blog like.. yesterday. But I wanted to finally get these fun pictures from Hilton Head up on the blog before I forgot! I also really wanted to talk about something that I think is really important as summer is rounding the corner: body confidence. This is something that everyone struggles with at some point, no matter who you are, and I love that so many bloggers have been spreading body positivity lately, especially in time for swimsuit season! so I’m here to contribute some tips on staying self-confident in the summertime. 

Disclosure: this post is sponsored by Rec Warehouse, the South’s most trusted name in recreation and leisure equipment.


“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt


Summer’s arrival is the ultimate deadline indicating to procrastinators everywhere, their time for delaying the appearance of their summer bodies is finally over. For people who wish to shed a few pesky pounds before jumping into a pool, they need first to come to terms with the person peering back at them from the mirror. Before rocking a trendy pair of distressed denim shorts and chunky heeled shoes, it is essential to be the best version of oneself. For many, it is time to get serious about making physical tweaks to fulfill dreams of obtaining a bikini body. For others, it could mean an increase in physical fitness now that the weather is conducive to outdoor training. Regardless of an individual’s objective, it is essential to keep in mind summer is not all about the measurement of a waistline or a number on a scale. For those who want to look their best this season, confidence is key.


Surprisingly, the first step to achieving an enviable bikini body is to feel comfortable in your own skin. Confidence is hands down one of the most attractive features a person can poses. Strutting poolside might seem easier if you were already at your desired weight, but it can actually have the opposite effect. Self-esteem is obtained before any weight is lost or inches are shed. It is a state of mind, not a physical achievement. Self-assuredness is not cockiness. It lays underneath physical appearance and exudes forth like sunlight from behind a gloomy cloud. Feeling good in a bathing suit should not be dictated by the number on the tag, but more about how a person wears it.


To begin the journey of loving yourself from the inside out, here are five tips to help you boost your self-confidence during bathing suit season:

1.Be kind to yourself. Often we are our own worst critic, so it is essential to listen to your internal dialogue and be cognizant of the harsh tone we take with ourselves. By first recognizing the combatant voice in our heads we can change the conversation and shift the paradigm. Every time you catch yourself being ungrateful or unkind to yourself flip the script and indulge yourself with two positive affirmations.

2.Exercise regularly. While summer should be measured in gorgeous sunsets and not by the inches which make up a waistline, it does not diminish the positive attributes of regular, vigorous exercise. The release of endorphins standard in those who workout with consistency, provide an organic uplifting sensation. It also has a direct effect and correlation on depression. Additionally, the physical benefits of training will have you smiling once you notice more definition in your muscles and prolonged endurance.

3.Think positive and focus on solutions. It is easy to fall into a negative mindset and narrow in on all the reasons why we cannot be successful achieving our goals. Such negativity is the killer of positive self-esteem. When you wake up each morning and before falling asleep each night reinforce positivity by spending a couple of minutes of quiet time focused on uplifting, solution-based thoughts.

4.Set small, achievable goals. If confidence, in or out of a bathing suit is your goal then set small, measurable goals to help you down a path to success. Instead of setting a standard which can only be obtained by stepping on a scale, try implementing healthier lifestyle changes like drinking more water each day or increasing your vegetable intake.

5.Practice makes perfect. If you want to be more comfortable in your skin than practice in your home. Much like preparing a speech in front of the mirror, try slipping into a bathing suit and walking around for a couple of hours to get used to feeling great in your skin. If you want to take another meaningful step, head to the pool. If a public environment is too extreme for your journey to confidence, then consider purchasing an above ground pool for in your yard. You can host parties and backyard barbeques while also modeling your new founds self-assurance.


An above ground swimming pool provides an environment to encourage and motivate you toward your goal of feeling confident no matter what you are wearing. The above ground pool experts at Rec Warehouse can help find a pool or hot tub perfect for you and your yard. Visit them online today at or one of their two showroom locations in the Atlanta area.


When you have a place to show off your confidence it will grow exponentially over time so stop putting off feeling great about yourself and start manifesting a more positive disposition.


Stay positive, love yourself, and have a great summer!




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